Why do we need Project Management? Do we need it? Part 2/2

I’m back again. I’d love to say “did you miss me?”. I guess this would be a question to myself, hahahaha.

Ok, let’s get back to the topic. In my last post I tried to show you how a construction would look like without planning. Now, I will try to make a very high level overview of how I would approach. I’m sure it can be done in many different ways.


I would divide the whole work into phases:

Initiating: In this phase you need to answer a few questions:

  1. why are we doing it? What do we want to achieve with this project?
  2. is the project feasible in its assumptions?
    1. can we make it in time?
    2. is the money enough?

I would also try to make some high level planning, which would help me in answering questions 2.1 and 2.2.

If the answer to question 2 is “yes” we move on. If the answer is “no” don’t move on. Like in the example of the arena from my previous post.

you have a budget of 4 million euro and a deadline of 12 months. If you look into wikipedia you will see that construction costs where 340 million euro and and by comparing the dates “broke ground” and “opened” I would guess about 2-2,5 years construction time.

For the sake of this post, let’s assume we have a budget and a deadline which makes sense.

Planning: This is the phase where we going to to plan how we are going to do the actual work. This means planning:

  • timelines – when do we do which work
  • costs – how much will it costs and how will you spend the money (this are estimates or simulations, you can’t foreseen how much something will cost in a couple of years). Is your budget really enough or will you need more.
  • resources – what kind of professionals will you need to do the work
  • quality – will the building be 10, 20 or maybe 30,5 meters high. What kind of grass do wee need on the football field, etc
  • stakeholders – who are the people who you have to report to in regards to this project? Who are the people who can influence this project? Who are people who get influenced by this project? Who are people who think they are influenced by this project?
  • risks – what are the negative and positive risks? Yes, you read correct we are also interested in positive risks. How will you manage risks? What kind of actions will you take when risks occurs? Will you take any action at all? What happens when unforeseen risk occur?
  • communications – how are you going to communicate with whom?

All this points together will make your Project plan.

Executing: this is the where the actual work is being performed.

Monitoring & Controlling : you need to monitor the work, is it being performed according to plan?

Closing : When the work is done you need to close everything (f.e. procurement documents) and the customer needs to sign off. Even if the project is not finished and you decide to cancel it, you still need to close it – imagine you wouldn’t have a customer sign off on that and after a year you find an invite to court because of some stupid reason. Sign off is closing.

That’s it for today. I wanted to make it super short… I almost did. Hope you enjoy it and it proves helpful.


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